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Kingdom Kids

Our children’s ministry exists to assist parents in leading their children to follow Jesus.

We take seriously the responsibility to provide a safe and loving environment in which children can learn the Bible and take steps forward in their relationship with Jesus. Each lesson and activity strives to help children know Jesus, understand His Word, take the next step in their relationship with Christ, and equip them to share Jesus’ love with others.

We offer weekly children's ministries for kids to learn and have fun in a safe environment. Our volunteers come alongside parents in loving and discipling their kids so they can grow in the truths of the Bible.

We take our children's safety very seriously. In order to ensure that kids feel and remain safe while in our care we provide the following measures;

  • Each volunteer submits to a background check after a season of time where he/she has shown they are a committed member with a heart for children's discipleship.

  • Bathrooms are inspected before children are sent to use them, and volunteers remain in the hallway outside the restroom to walk children back to class.

  • We require at least two volunteers be present in each room during all children's ministries.

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We seek to provide a safe, Christian atmosphere for the youngest members of our church family. We hope that our loving care for your child will allow you to participate in the multitude of opportunities available here.

We believe that children are a gift. Nursery Ministries provides special care to infants and toddlers that contributes to their well being and complements and strengthens the Christian nurture the child experiences at home.


As our small children develop, we strive to address their growing needs and abilities to understand and learn Biblical truths. A little more structured classroom setting is provided where children can engage Jesus in a fun and creative way while you are discipled and challenged in ministry opportunities geared for adults.

We know children are a blessing from the Lord. Our goal is to steward our opportunity with them well as we come alongside you in training your children to know and love Christ, and we encourage them to share Him with others.

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